• Brda and Palikaras sued by SEC

    John Brda and George Palikaras are being sued by the SEC. But is this just what we need to get discovery?

    The suit comes from the Wells notice issued about 1 year ago. The claims are market manipulation, fraud, and other violations.

    The litigation release from the SEC is listed here.

    Both Brda and Palikaras weighed in on X:

    Brda hinted that the lawsuit may just open Pandora’s box, which we can speculate means allowing for some of the much-needed discovery in the MMTLP fiasco.

    Rare DD used AI to get some answers on how discovery might fit into an SEC case:

    The ending sentence of the SEC release:

    If you are an individual with information related to this investigation or any other related suspected fraud and you wish to contact the SEC staff, please submit a tip at SEC.gov.


    I do believe there are 65,000 plus individuals with information related to this investigation and, more importantly, the fraud, manipulation, and collusion by the SEC, FINRA, Brokers, and the DTCC.

    You can submit a tip to tell them who the real criminals are here: https://www.sec.gov/whistleblower/submit-a-tip

    The SEC tweeted this information in hopes of changing MMTLP’s narrative. Check out our army of comments in support of Palikaras and Brda.