• Can South Korea Help MMTLP Shareholders?

    South Korea has been leading the way in fighting illegal short-selling. But can they possibly help MMTLP shareholders?

    For months now, several countries have been cracking down on naked shorts and illegalities with short sales in their markets. Unfortunately, the USA hasn’t been one of them.

    South Korea has made headlines recently with their banning of short sales and their recent enforcements against short sellers.

    The temporary ban has been upheld, and they seem to recognize the illegal trading activities that us MMTLP shareholders are so familiar with. They plan to keep the ban until they detect these unlawful trading activities.

    But since MMTLP, Meta, and Torchlight are USA and Canadian companies, could their investigative work help any MMTLP Shareholders? Meta News has been great at reporting the latest info on the MMTLP situation with South Korean regulators.

    It looks like regulators in South Korea are taking a look at the situation with MMTLP.

    In a recent voluntary certified survey we confirmed there’s MMTLP investors in South Korea holding their shares with “KB Securities”, and other brokerage/banking firms. The MMTLP issue is no longer just a USA problem, but a world-wide issue.

    MMTLP shareholders are being asked to submit information to South Korean authorities.

    Will some out-of-country investigators get to the bottom of MMTLP before anyone in-country does? That’s yet to be seen. But help from anywhere is surely welcome by the MMTLP community.

    If you are South Korean resident and a shareholder of MMTLP it might be a good idea to contact FSC and FSS.

    FSS main contact: FAX : +82-2-785-3475 FSS (SOUTH KOREA) NYC LOCATION: Address : 780 Third Avenue(14th floor) NewYork, N. Y. 10017 U.S.A. Fax : 1-212-350-9392.

    The South Korean Financial Supervisory Service has begun an investigation into MMTLP, and the preliminary findings are expected to be announced byJuly 23rd, 2024.