• Deadline Looms for SEC/FINRA

    The SEC has 1 more day to respond to the 16 questions put forth in the Open Letter by Members of Congress.

    The open letter asked for a response by January 31, 2024. That day is TOMORROW.

    A recent X poll asked the community what exactly they thought was going to happen on the deadline date.

    Clearly the polling for this shows somewhat of a pessimistic attitude toward any type of meaningful response with only 2% indicating that the SEC would fully answer all the questions.

    A mixed optimistic post was sent out by community member Glass Guy, but is so far anonymous on the actual source.

    So in all actuality we don’t have any idea what will happen on the 31st or the days following. Will Congress be ready to subpoena the information if they don’t receive it? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

    Just like our 1 year plus so far, it’s a waiting game.