• Updates Shared in Wes Christian Space Call

    The space call with naked short nemesis Wes Christian gave us plenty of information on the Meta/MMTLP case.

    In a rescheduled Space call with JunkSavvy, Attorney Wes Christian discussed the legal actions surrounding MMAT and MMTLP.

    Some of the highlights of the call included Wes giving an update on Meta Materials’ funding and actions in moving their case forward despite the company’s sketchy financials. He discussed how everyone has fought them in trying to receive share data on MMTLP.

    In addition, we heard Wes recommend in somewhat strong language that contacting state Attorney Generals is a good idea.

    You can listen to the recording here:

    Community members have shared highlights here on X:

    Thanks to JunkSavvy for scheduling and moderating the call. BusyBrands was cohosting and also launched a discussion space call after the 1-hour interview.