• Debate: Lawsuit Deadline Approaching

    In just about 6 months, we’ll be at 2-years since the MMTLP halt. This is an important legal deadline to be aware of.

    Perhaps the reason Congress continues to kick-the-can down the road is that they are trying to run out the clock?

    We covered this tactic in more detail here.

    Kristen Shaughnessy reminds us all of the 2 year statute of limitations on filing a securities fraud MMTLP lawsuit. Others weigh in on how this could be longer.

    There are other discussions in the community regarding the statute of limitations could last up to 5 years such as RICO or other fraud claims.

    Attorney Richard Hofman posted this video a year ago.

    Marcos posted some points which referenced Roza Tawil, who initially filed the very first MMTLP lawsuit.

    What’s the real answer? I think it depends. It depends on the charges and many other things. I, for one, would go with the December 2024 date just to be safe.