• Meet MMTLP YouTuber Andrey

    Our most active YouTuber who provides consistent daily MMTLP updates isn’t even a shareholder.

    Andrey and family

    Tom aka Krucialmix of MMTLP Resources sat down for an (electronic) interview with Andrey Nefediev, who has delivered an MMTLP video update every day of the week for well over a year. In fact, the one time I didn’t see a video from Andrey I was worried because missing a day was so out of character. Turns out he was in the hospital.

    Andrey, who lives in Serbia with his family, states that not being an MMTLP shareholder gives him a unique and unbiased view of our situation. Keep reading to learn more about Andrey.

    For MMTLP Resources, the task of sharing news and documents related to MMTLP often involves extensive research across various platforms such as X, YouTube, and Facebook groups. We are truly fortunate to have a vibrant community of creative and personable YouTubers who consistently assist us on this journey.

    Ali’s frequent updates via Trading Secrets, the cosplay Bird Lady’s math, and former coverage from the likes of Terry Younkers and Smokey have provided plenty of information. And we would be remiss without giving a shout-out to Tony of Market Moves, who is sadly no longer with us.

    But all of these individuals are MMTLP shareholders. I’m not sure when I listened to the first Money Management YouTube video with the catchy opening, but what left such an impression on me was the frequency of the updates (daily) and the fact that he was extending all of this effort when he wasn’t even an MMTLP shareholder.

    I asked him a series of questions to get to know more about Andrey and why he does what he does.

    Q. Your YouTube channel has been active for over three years and has over 2,900 videos and over 3.3 million views. What made you decide to become a YouTube financial guru?

    A. I’ve been trading for over 13 years now, starting with forex, trend crypto, and finally moving into the stock market. Trading has been my main source of income for the past 6 years. During the pandemic, I witnessed many people, spurred by incentive payments, attempting to make money through stock trading. Unfortunately, most of them ended up losing their entire savings. Seeing this, I felt compelled to share my experience with others, which led me to create my own YouTube channel.

    Q. When was your first video about MMTLP and how did you discover the stock?

    A. I choose video themes based on viewer demand. If people express interest in something, I make an effort to cover it. In mid-February, I released the first video about TRCH. I have to admit, I didn’t conduct thorough due diligence, and I’m still a bit embarrassed about that. However, I revisited this topic later. It was particularly interesting to analyze the technical aspects during periods of high volatility. As I observed peculiar movements with this stock, I began discussing them in my videos. For instance, I alerted my viewers before the TRCH and MMAT merger that selling might begin earlier than the merger date due to nuances in the T+2 rule and specific technical signals.

    Q. On average, how long does it take to make one of your videos and what is your process? Where do you find your content?

    A. It takes me more than 4 hours to make each video. I’ve been doing DD for 2+ hours. I mostly use X, but also other news feeds. If I find some interesting material that requires a more serious investigation, it can take up to several days. For example, I spent almost 3 days searching for information about the Russian trace in the articles that FORBES released. Then it takes me about 30-40 minutes to shoot. Because my English is very weak. I have to do several takes. Next, I edit the video, remove the pauses (when I’m trying to figure out how to build a phrase better), and sometimes I build the narrative sequence in a different way. It takes me from an hour to 1.5 hours. Then I prepare a thumbnail for the video and post it. It takes about 30 more minutes.

    Q. Have there ever been days that you were like “OMG, there’s no important news today; I should skip today’s video?”

    A. Yes, sometimes it happens. But in this case, I’m just looking for the best and, often, I find interesting information!

    KRUCIAL COMMENT: We appreciate Andrey’s references to MMTLP Resources Community News in his videos when appropriate. Thank you for always citing your source.

    Q. What do you think will be the eventual outcome for MMTLP shareholders?

    A. First, there must be a settlement between NBH so that all short positions are closed. The funds obtained from this settlement should be used to pay dividends to the original shareholders and for the development of the company to improve its intrinsic value. After that, there are two options:

    (a) All assets of the company can be sold, and the proceeds must also be distributed among the shareholders. (b) Alternatively, the company can begin mining operations and distribute shares of the profits quarterly.

    Q. What type of community support do you receive from MMTLP, compared to other stocks you cover? Have you had any pushback from the community since you are not an MMTLP shareholder?

    A. Although I’m not a shareholder of MMTLP, I still feel deeply connected to this community. I receive a tremendous amount of support through comments on my videos, interactions on X, and personal messages. Many shareholders even send me lengthy letters, which I greatly appreciate reading. However, as this saga has stretched on for over 1.5 years, some people have begun to lose hope, and occasionally I receive less-than-pleasant messages. It seems as though some believe I am profiting significantly from these videos, but that’s not the case. I contribute wholeheartedly because I understand how much these people rely on me. I will continue to do so until we achieve a resolution in our favor.

    KRUCIAL COMMENT: I’d like to hereby grant Andrey the title of Honorary Shareholder of MMTLP with all the lack of authority and legality I have to make this offer!

    Q. We all know about the stock analysis side of you, but could you share something about yourself that we wouldn’t learn from one of your videos?

    A. What I don’t mention in the video, but might be interesting to know, is that I hold a PhD in economics. In addition to Russian and English, I speak French, and my proficiency in Serbian is somewhat lower. I’m also a passionate enthusiast of all things related to cars and racing. Above all, I cherish my family dearly.

    Q. I discovered the band Neffex from your videos.  Is the duo one of your favorites, or how did you end up picking “Born a Rockstar” for your video intro song?

    A. This is a completely random choice.

    KRUCIAL COMMENT: I found it interesting that the group releases royalty free music, and it’s actually quite good. I think Andrey might underestimate the people that know him as the “Cash in the bag, stadium packed” guy! Admit it, you’re hearing it in your head right now!

    Q. What recommendations do you have for the MMTLP community to help reach a resolution?


    Q. You have a beautiful family featured at the end of your current videos, including your stylishly dressed-up pooch.  Tell us about the fundraising options you have available through Patreon and Discord to support your efforts and your family.

    A. I struck a deal with my kids. Since I dedicate a lot of time to my YouTube channel, my sons asked for something in return. I reached out to the MMTLP community, asking for their support through my Patreon account, with the intention of passing on the proceeds to my children. Currently, we receive approximately $35 per month after deducting all commissions.

    KRUCIAL COMMENT: I was saddened to hear how little money is flowing to Andrey and his family for the amount of work he puts into our community. While all of us have been financially robbed as part of our situation, which makes it extra difficult, I just started up a subscription myself to help. Use the link below if you are able.

    Donate $5 a month to Andrey through Patreon (cancel anytime)

    You can subscribe to Andrey's YouTube channel here.

    You can find him on X here.

    While it was surprising to me that Andrey was not a shareholder yet spending so much effort to help our cause, other individuals have stepped up as well. Community allies like OneHundredmph, Kristen Shaughnessy, Johnny Tabacco, and most recently Chad “ThugZilla” Caton just to name a few.

    Thank you Andrey for taking the time to answer our questions and let the community learn more about you.

    If you have another person in our community you would like to suggest for an interview, please let us know.