• New 2-Hour MMTLP Video

    A new fact-packed video from Rare DD explains how and why FINRA manipulated the MMTLP corporate action.

    It’s long, but worth the time to see everything laid out so well.

    Thank you Rare DD for your continued support toward a resolution for the MMTLP Community.

    Note: This is part 3 in a series. You can also view Part 1 and Part 2.

    A note from the YouTube video description:

    On February 6, 2024, Gary Gensler of the SEC submitted a late, and lackluster response to Rep. Ralph Norman and the more than 70 other Congresspersons requesting answers to simple questions related to MMTLP. In the response, Gary Gensler refers to the SEC’s FINRA and Securities Industry Oversight (FSIO) program and their role in assessing whether FINRA is following their own rules and policies, as well as whether there are any issues related to conflicts of interest. With this video, the aim is to aid the FSIO and any other investigative agency that seeks to uncover the truth of what really happened that ultimately led to FINRA U3 halting MMTLP on December 9, 2022. In this video we will see that: FINRA has broken their own rules and policies! There are multiple conflicts of interest! Ari Rubenstein of GTS Securities has been missing from the public eye since shortly before the halt! And more! The MMTLP Community urges those in power to subpoena the relevant parties withholding the answers we seek! It’s been 15 months, FINRA admits there are short positions attempting to transfer to a private company, but they claim to lack the ability to track every short position. By FINRA’s own admission, the short position issue in MMTLP can easily be a far greater problem than they initially led on. How much longer do we need to wait?