• New Court Petition Seeks Names of MMTLP Issuers

    The Basile Law Firm has a new plan. They’re going after the OTC Markets in NY State Supreme Court to find out who was responsible for listing MMTLP.

    UPDATE: The judge has already ruled to compel the names of the issuers are revealed. Read More Here.

    While TRCH was abusively short sold for years, the main fraud started with MMTLP actually trading on the OTC markets. It was never supposed to trade. Some market makers got together and fraudulently submitted data to get it to trade. So far the community has suspicions, but does not know for sure who these market makers were.

    This petition seeks to reveal this information.

    The law firm is filing on behalf of what is being called an “MMTLP Activist Shareholder Group” going by the name STEAMROLLER LLC. Searching public records, we’ve found a few companies with similar names but the most likely one seems to be the most recently formed corporation that was created in Florida in August 2023, perhaps just for this litigation.

    An X account for SteamRoller LLC was found here.

    The full petition, and all supporting documents are available at this link.

    The Basile Law Firm has been busy. An announcement over Twitter by Mark Basile also indicates his firm will be helping out in this additional MMTLP case regarding FOIA emails.

    This looks to be for Community Member J.R.

    We see all of these petitions as positive. It only takes one sympathetic judge that knows the law and “gets it” to help our cause move forward.

    Be sure to show your support for those involved in these legal challenges and follow their X account for updates.