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  • Shocking! FINRA Files For Motion To Dismiss

    I think we all saw this coming. FINRA has “absolute immunity,” right? Now they have stated it again.

    In a surprise to no one, FINRA filed for a motion to dismiss the case Inter-Coastal Waterways LLC v. FINRA (The RICO case).

    The FinX Tabloid goes through the entire document in their tweet.

  • MMTLP on Bloomberg Radio

    The guest’s quote, “I feel really bad for the regulators here,” summarizes their biased coverage.

    Bloomberg Radio is a radio service that provides global business news and is broadcast on terrestrial radio stations around the US. Bloomberg radio is said to have 1.3 million audio listeners in the United States.

    x2 sean caught some of the coverage from Bloomberg TV.

    Send all your sympathy cards to Gary Gensler, Robert Cook and anyone at the SEC or FINRA. NOT.

  • Profound & Impactful Veterans Space

    The Veterans space call hosted by BusyBrands contained heart-wrenching stories from Veterans and gained new allies in our fight.

    This is probably one of the best space calls I’ve attended recently. Thanks to BusyBrands, Kurtis, JunkSavvy, Kristen Shaughnessy, and the special guest, Lt. Col. Alan Bradshaw. Thanks for the idea put forth by Glass Guy.

    The space call covered an explanation of the MMTLP situation to the many newcomers, plus statements from several Veterans on the hardship the U3 Halt scheme has caused them and their families.

    The recording of the 3 hour and 30 minute space is available here:

    I truly believe this attention has given us several new allies. Navy Veteran Chad “ThugZilla” Caton co-hosted the space and riled up several of his colleagues who host spaces with large numbers of attendees and other media personalities to help spread our story.

    Suggestions for a Veteran press conference was suggested and sounds like a terrific idea.

    Chad has great ideas for fighting these injustices, and he is ready and willing to help.

    To all the Veterans who attended, thank you for attending and sharing your stories and for your service.

    Word is already spreading on X about the issue.

    For any newcomers to MMTLP, this site is filled with all of the resources on MMTLP including documents, videos, and links.

    Three quick resources to start with are posted here:

    MMTLP 1-Sheet

    MMTLP Story from Fair Markets Now

    Collusion 18-minute mini-documentary on MMTLP

    PaulT summed up the overall Space well in a post-space tweet.

  • MMTLP On Political Podcast

    Drew Diligence was featured on a political podcast talking MMTLP.

    Community member Drew had the opportunity to go on a podcast to discuss MMTLP. Pontificating with Pete is a podcast by Peter Hager and Jen Perelman. Jen is running for Florida District 25 Congress and uses the JENerational Change podcast to help spread the word.

    Pete commented on the community’s current hashtag, “#FUPAYME,” as his intro to Drew and discussing the criminal behavior we are all fighting against in the stock market.

    Drew did a great job explaining our pilght and Pete devoted a great portion of his program to help us get our message out.

    Drew posted a quick clip from the show on his X feed.

  • Shareholders Receiving Pete Sessions Letter

    It looks like Pete Sessions is really digging the press release from the SEC about their lawsuit.

    Pete Sessions has sent a letter to an MMTLP shareholder informing them that the SEC has filed a lawsuit against George Palikaras and John Brda.

    While it’s good to get an update from any Member of Congress, it seems the Session’s response and SEC press release are coordinated efforts to change the narrative regarding who is to blame for the MMTLP fiasco.

    Several community members are seeing through the ruse.

    What’s even more interesting is Sessions is sending the USPS letter to individual shareholders that are no where near his district.

    Fortunately, the letter doesn’t seem to fully close the investigation. “I look forward to ongoing teamwork,” is stated. We are still determining how much help certain Congress Members will be, especially after this Hail Mary SEC press release that can be cited. Time will tell.

    A copy of the documents sent are displayed below.