• Shareholders Receiving Pete Sessions Letter

    It looks like Pete Sessions is really digging the press release from the SEC about their lawsuit.

    Pete Sessions has sent a letter to an MMTLP shareholder informing them that the SEC has filed a lawsuit against George Palikaras and John Brda.

    While it’s good to get an update from any Member of Congress, it seems the Session’s response and SEC press release are coordinated efforts to change the narrative regarding who is to blame for the MMTLP fiasco.

    Several community members are seeing through the ruse.

    What’s even more interesting is Sessions is sending the USPS letter to individual shareholders that are no where near his district.

    Fortunately, the letter doesn’t seem to fully close the investigation. “I look forward to ongoing teamwork,” is stated. We are still determining how much help certain Congress Members will be, especially after this Hail Mary SEC press release that can be cited. Time will tell.

    A copy of the documents sent are displayed below.