• Steamroller Update: Do We Know The Names Yet?

    As likely expected by all, the OTC Markets has filed their opposition saying no way we don’t need to reveal anything.

    You can read about the initial filing here. Basically this was a filing to reveal the names of the defendants which is allowed by New York law. The defendants in this case are the entities or persons who originally submitted MMTLP to start trading.

    Community attorney Richard and his KNOTT Legal Advice YouTube channel has spent some time going over the opposition filed in one of his latest YouTubes.

    Overall their stance is that this is just like the prior petition (which was denied in the same court) so this should also be denied.

    Up next will be the attorney handling the case, Mark Basille, and his opportunity to reply. After this there would be a hearing to learn the judge’s ruling. Richard also mentions that there is an appeal for the denial of the prior petition as well.

    You can subscribe to Richard’s KNOTT LEGAL ADVICE YouTube channel by visiting the channel here.