• Transferring to AST with an IRA?

    Many shareholders have been stuck not knowing what to do with their shares if they are in an IRA. Here’s some helpful information.

    With Next Bridge Hydrocarbons urging shareholders to move to AST, some shareholders have been facing tax issues when trying to move IRA invested shares.

    The below information is not financial advice.

    Remember, if you transfer shares to AST you want them in “book entry form” in your name. That’s the key.

    A thread on Twitter (X) from Rob R gives information on how you can transfer from your brokers account to an Advanta IRA.

    There are fees involved, an as always, none of this is financial advice, but a path for those investors seems to be available.


    Be sure to click the tweet above and read all of the information including in the replies.

    In addition, Bird Lady previously created a video about the very same topic and mentions two different companies that will facilitate the transfer. She even shares her phone calls and you can see the fees associated.

    Please note Millennium Trust appears to have changed their name to Inspira Financial, so no word on if they will be still accepting shares.