• Veterans Space Planned

    BusyBrands is planning an MMTLP space for Veterans and their supporters.

    Semper Fidelis -More Than A Motto w/ Lt. Col. Alan Bradshaw #Veterans

    Semper Fidelis, often shortened to Semper Fi, is the motto of the US Marine Corps, meaning “always faithful” or “always loyal”.

    The space call is planned for Monday, July 1st at 3pm PST.

    A new confirmation from General Michael Flynn has been announced.

    The space will also feature Lt. Col. Alan Bradshaw, a victim of the MMTLP U3 Halt.

    It’s especially difficult to hear stories of financial hardship from our Veterans involved in MMTLP, who have given so much for the freedom of our country.

    Kudos to BusyBrands, a USMC Veteran, for putting this space call together. Be sure to tune in on Monday.