• 505 Day Planned For Saturday April 27

    Fair Markets Now plans a special event day this Saturday for day 505. Here’s how you can participate starting today.

    For those not sure, “505” is the code used for “I need shares”, which represents the lack of available shares for MMTLP in the final days of trading.

    From Fair Markets Now E-mail:

    This Saturday, which marks 505 days, we’re launching the #505SOS Campaign spearheaded by community member Johnna. We’re calling on every one of you to join us in a powerful tweet storm using the hashtag #MMTLPHearing.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    • Post Multiple Tweets: Starting today, flood Twitter with our call for a hearing by the financial committees.
    • 505 SOS Campaign: On Saturday, post a tweet listing 5 crucial facts about MMTLP, using the hashtags #MMTLPHearing and #505SOS.

    5 Facts to Share About MMTLP:

    1. 500 Days and Counting: Over a year and a half has passed without resolution or adequate response from regulatory bodies.
    2. Impact on Shareholders: Thousands of investors are stuck in limbo, with their funds unjustly tied up.
    3. Questionable Regulatory Actions: The sudden and unexplained trading halt raises serious concerns about transparency and fairness.
    4. Naked Short Selling Concerns: Similar to issues recently highlighted by Trump Media regarding DJT stock, MMTLP has suffered from questionable trading practices.
    5. Bipartisan Congressional Support: Highlighting the gravity of the issue, MMTLP has garnered support from both sides of the aisle, with multiple congressional letters urging for a thorough investigation and resolution.

    For more information, please visit FairMarketsNow.org