• Basile Law Firm Needs 10 More Pages

    **Update** June 7, 2023. FINRA has consented to allow a response of up to 15 pages.

    Mark Basile, the attorney handling the petition for the blue sheets case in the Supreme Court of New York has filed a new letter to the judge.

    The letter is requesting that his response to FINRA’s reasons to not provide the blue sheets can be more than 10 pages, which limit was pre-defined. Mark has asked to be able to file a response up to 20 pages.

    WIth all of the community discussions after viewing FINRA’s response, it’s not surprising that Mark can fill up 20 pages in a response to their claims.

    The full letter to the judge is available here.

    Will the judge grant the request? I’m not sure if this is just a formality or what type of precedence there is for something like that. We should find out soon.

    The timeline now is:

    • FINRA response to court 6/2/23 *DONE*
    • MMTLP response due to court 6/9/23
    • Oral arguments (Zoom or equivalent) with the judge 6/13/23 (2:30PM EST)

    The Zoom court meeting will not be publicly accessible.