• Bullseye! Gensler Once Again Asked MMTLP Share count

    Representative Ralph Norman asked Gary Gensler what the share count was for MMTLP, his answer was complete nonsense.

    If the sharecount is “public record” Gary, can you let us know where to look it up? What a complete farce.

    Norman also seemed dismayed by the SEC’s weak response to their inquiry letter sent in July. He called it an insult. At the end of the clip he says we’ll “try writing you another letter”. Or he could just jump to the subpoena.

    THANK YOU AGAIN MMTLP COMMUNITY! It’s your phone calls, tweets and messages that got us another inquiry with Gary Gensler during this hearing. We will prevail!

    Both Dave Lauer and John Brda joined a Space call hosted by Andrew and offered support in the last hour and minutes. Listen to Dave Lauer in the recording below.

    There is a full recording of the Space which includes audio from the hearing available from the below link.

    Josh White summed up the new interest from Retail Investors that will only help our cause.

    Note the number of listeners has reached 5,400 as of now.