• Gary Gensler v. Congress Tuesday

    Gary Gensler will be testifying in front of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs. Here’s your action plan for Monday.

    Let’s ask Congress to ask Gary:

    – What is the MMTLP Share count?
    – Why is the SEC Stonewalling congress?

    This is our opportunity to get a question posed to the SEC chief live on TV. This will be streamed live.

    DATE:   Tuesday, September 12, 2023
    TIME:  10:00 AM EST
    LOCATION:  Dirksen Senate Office Building 538

    Note this is NOT an MMTLP questioning, but we’d like to have a Senator bring up MMTLP in the conversation especially since the SEC recently stonewalled Congress in their meeting.

    On Monday, please email, tweet and call your Congressional Representative and the entire Senate Banking Committee and ask them to hold Gary accountable for MMTLP at this meeting. As always, be nice, firm, but respectful.

    For our later attention, there is another hearing with Gary Gensler on September 27th for the Financial Services Committee.

    Our community continues to work hard for a resolution through Congress. Don Fizz reports that on Monday he and his team have 3 Zoom calls with Congress. On Friday, qntainmnt was in DC walking the halls of Congress.

    Keep up the Advocacy MMTLP family! For advocacy information, including phone numbers and names of represesentatives, go to our Advocacy Section.