• How To Easily Share Our Twitter Videos

    Adding a video to all of your tweets helps get the word out, but often times people don’t want to retweet every time or include text and tags in their tweets.

    This post includes some of the more popular videos from Twitter with a simple URL to add to the end of your tweets which will attach only the video to any tweets you send out.

    To make this work, your new tweet should only contain text and then one of the below links. Try it!

    Be sure to copy the full web address (URL). They each begin with https: and end with /1


    FACES of MMTLP Connected TV Commercial

    MMTLP 250 Days Community Video

    OccupySEC and MMTLP Explanation Video

    SEC Whistleblower Video

    Huckleberry’s MMTLP Explanation Video

    “Nightmare” Twitter commercial to let it trade

    Cromwell’s Tweets

    Again, all you have to do is include one of the above complete web addresses (the https part) at the end of any tweet you send out and it will add that video onto your Tweet.

    EXAMPLE: Here’s an example of how your tweet will look:

    It’s not a retweet, and it includes ONLY the video itself, and adds views to the video’s original post for achieving higher view numbers. Thanks @4sureithrive for sharing all of them!

    Let’s get these videos going viral with your help!