• Johnny Tabacco Goes All In On MMTLP

    Newsmax personality and activist Johnny Tabacco has been around the MMTLP community for awhile. Now he’s all in.

    Tabacco’s X bio lists himself as an Executive Producer, Activist, Fighter for America, Retail Investors, Liberty & Medical Freedom.

    While Tabacco has been in support of MMTLP for months, it’s just recently that he has stepped up his efforts through tweets and reaching out helping the community get additional exposure. He has over 9,500 followers on X.

    He’s also been going toe-to-toe with MMTLP nemesis Charles Gasparino.

    Tabacco created a stir recently on X when one of his tweets mentioned MMTLP at an $8 rate, which some in the community felt that amount was what he thought it should be settled for.

    Johnny had a chance to explain this, and tell more about his career and fight for retail investors on a Fireside Chat hosted by Drew. Listen through the below link.

    We at MMTLP Resources appreciate Johnny’s efforts to help this community. He does many TV appearances and has a large following. He’s mentioned MMTLP on several recent occasions to help get the word out.

    One of his latest successes is helping get MMTLP on the “What’s Bugging Me” Podcast with Dennis Kneale.

    Johnny recently stated he was taking a short break from X to do more research on MMTLP and will be back soon.