• Judge Dismisses Roza’s Claim in Florida Federal Court

    Disappointing news regarding Roza’s lawsuit today. But it’s not over yet.

    Per a tweet from Andrew: “The judge denied Roza’s motion for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction. The judge says that Roza did not show a strong likelihood of success in her claims. He says Roza has not met the requirements for a preliminary injunction, and granted the motion to dismiss.”

    The judge has made it clear however that this could not be over completely. Roza will have until June 15th to amend her complaint if she choses. The judge’s order specifically allowed this saying “but this order gives her one more chance.”

    The full filing can be read here:

    Sadly, we also had a setback with Richard’s lawsuit (now taking the path of arbitration) recently as well.

    How any judge can look at the shoddy claims and blatant “immunity” they are upholding without seeing even a chance for the case to move forward is beyond me.

    Props to Roza Tawill, she has done an amazing job with her lawsuit and whatever decision she takes moving forward we at MMTLP Resources support her.

    The full tweet from Andrew is listed below:

    We’ll have to wait and see what path Roza decides to take.