• Conflicting Information Regarding Authorized Shares

    Update 8/3/23 : A Next Bridge PR / FAQ document was released today which addresses the authorized share count at 500 Million. No Billion.

    The community imploded late in the afternoon on Wednesday over authorized shares reported by AST.

    Community member Status Pay talked to AST and one of their representatives said the authorized share count for Next Bridge Hydrocarbons is listed at 500 billion. This was not on a recorded line however he called back and a recording with the representative is available in the Space call below.

    His premise in asking questions about share count is a valid one. If we are required to receive paper shares from our broker/dealer which takes several weeks, what happens if AST ends up full (due to counterfeit shares) before he can submit them?

    The representative starts going through notes on his computer and he clearly states “I see something on here that says new authorized share amount…just a moment….it says 500 billion.”


    Attorney Richard Hofman pointed out that there is a difference between authorized shares and issued shares. Authorized shares mean the company could issue this number of shares. It doesn’t mean that they have issued that number of shares.

    Attorney Mark Basile joined the discussion and told everyone not to panic and this could just be future business planning for Next Bridge. He cautioned against anyone thinking that 500 billion is there to cover a short position as he was sure it was not.

    Also, we have no idea where this information came from. The AST representatives seem to imply this 500 Billion number would have come from the company (Next Bridge) and another suggested from their general counsel. But all we know is it likely was on their computer screen and where it came from might be above their pay grade.

    Status Pay later gets connected to a manager, who halts any additional authorized shares number discussion and simply states that AST will accept any shares they send in.

    Community member Alain was tasked to verify this information and recorded his conversation with the 500 billion acknowledgement as well.

    His recording is available at the following link:


    Huckleberry was also involved in all of this and recorded a conversation with AST and was teased with a forthcoming Next Bridge press release at 6pm. That press release never materialized.

    It’s important to note that these numbers are not real just because representatives of AST said their computer screens showed this. No ones’ shares have been diluted at this point. A process would need to be followed for a change in authorized shares. We don’t have any proof of this happening at this point in time. What it could mean, is something is forthcoming. And if so, we will surely find out more information about what and why at that time.

    YouTuber Smokey was on the Space call as well and was frantically throwing out 100’s and hearts during Basile’s clarification. He also urged caution in a Tweet.


    Want to listen to the call? These recordings are available in a replay of a Space call hosted by BusyBrands that can be found here: