• MMTLP Commercial Campaign Completes

    Our first thirty second MMTLP Commercial “Faces” has now completed its run on streaming or “connected” television and was shown more than 25,000 times.

    A summary of the commercial run is listed below

    April 26th – May 16th Run Dates
    Budget Spent: $514.77
    Households reached: 16,106
    Ad run (Impressions) 25,363
    Average cost per view $.02
    View Through Rate: 90%

    The ad ran on many networks on both Televisions and Mobile devices with Fox News being the largest audence. The top locations are listed below.

    In addition to the commercial running on the above streaming platform, the commercial has been played 168,000 times on Twitter.

    The highlight was when Charles Payne retweeted the advertisement on May 3rd with a thoughtful comment.

    Thank you to everyone that submitted their material for the advertisement!

    Our MMTLP message was exposed to more than 16,000 households that would have never heard of us before because of this campaign.

    The commercial was produced and the budget was self-funded by @krucialmix.