• MMTLP Commercial Update

    Submissions are now closed for the MMTLP commercial and it is currently in post production!

    Thank you to all of the community members that sent in content. While not everything can get used in a :30 commercial, we have all the footage and additional commercials can be made in the future should the Hulu advertising campaign prove effective.

    We hope to have the commercial start streaming on the Hulu ad network by May 1st at the latest.

    ✅ Content Submissions from Community
    ✅ Content Review
    ✅ Script Written
    ✅ Voice Over Recorded
    ✅ Background Music Selected
    ✅ Post Production Editing
    ✅ Ad Submitted to Hulu for Approval
    ❎ GO LIVE!

    The goal of this ad is to bring awareness to the MMTLP situation. Hopefully journalists and political leaders will see the ad while watching their favorite network TV programs one evening and get curious enough to do their own research and report on our situation.

    We were very limited on what we could say/do in this commercial to get approval but the concept of “Faces of MMTLP” was a perfect way to introduce the country to our story.