• New Letter to Gensler & Cook Issued

    A new letter has surfaced regarding MMTLP from Democratic Congressman Joseph D. Morelle of New York.

    The letter, posted on X by community member Annette, is another letter in a series of correspondences trying to get answers from regulators about the MMTLP fiasco.

    This letter is the first new letter since the January 12th letter from California Representative Mark DeSaulnier just after the historic Open Letter with 74 signatures.

    The fourth paragraph is the most powerful.

    As a follow-up to the meetings your offices provided my staft, I respectfully request that your agencies fully investigate the events surrounding the MMTLP trading halt, to include an audited share count. I further request that you make any findings publicly available and that you provide clear guidance to my constituents about what to expect regarding their MMTLP holdings, and the associated timeline.

    Congressional Letter from Representative Joseph D Morelle

    Morelle asks for an audited share count and to make any findings publicly available.

    While we still don’t have s final count on the December open letter number of signatures, these indiviudal letters just add to our arsenal.

    A copy of this letter will be saved at this archive link.

    Thank you Representative Morelle and Annette for helping to facilitate this letter. Something tells me Don Fizz was also instrumental in this as well.

    You can of course view all letters from Congress in our special archived section located here.