• New MMTLP Letter Campaign Launched

    A new letter campaign has been launched for MMTLP based on community requests.

    Hollywood Henry has updated the letter campaign on their site FairMarketsNow with their fourth letter campaign.

    There are 5 variations of the emails that can be sent to your Representatives requesting that they contact James Comer in support of a hearing on MMTLP.

    Access the site here.

    It’s super easy to fill out your information, and the letter is formatted for you, along with who you should send it to.

    Here is a sample of the generated letter:

    I am reaching out to you as a deeply concerned member of the $MMTLP shareholder community. For over 524 days, we have endured significant financial and emotional hardship due to unresolved issues surrounding the trading halt of MMTLP shares. This prolonged crisis has led to devastating losses, including the loss of homes, essential medications, and, tragically, lives. Many of your constituents are among those affected.

    Despite our relentless efforts to seek resolution and transparency, our appeals to the SEC and FINRA have been largely ignored. Our community has made substantial efforts to bring this issue to the forefront:

    • Sent over 50,198 letters validated by home addresses
    • Delivered 250,000 emails
    • Made 100,000 phone calls to officials
    • Held 200 in-person and 150 Zoom meetings with Congress members
    • Mailed 1,086 physical packets directly to Congressional offices

    Yet, the situation remains unresolved. I implore you, as my representative, to reach out to Representative James Comer, the Chairman of the Oversight and Accountability Committee, to support scheduling a hearing on the MMTLP issue. We have been in contact with his office, and your support can galvanize Mr. Comer to take action and schedule a hearing.

    Why a Hearing is Necessary:

    1. Regulatory Failures: FINRA’s unexpected trading halt and subsequent lack of resolution have exposed significant regulatory shortcomings that need to be addressed to protect retail investors and uphold market integrity.
    2. Transparency and Accountability: An official hearing would provide a platform to investigate and understand the decisions and actions taken by regulatory bodies, ensuring they are held accountable.
    3. Precedent for Future Oversight: The financial markets must operate on a level playing field. Addressing this issue can set a precedent for future regulatory oversight, ensuring that similar issues are handled with transparency and fairness.

    The importance of this issue cannot be overstated. Your support can catalyze the necessary oversight and demonstrate a commitment to protecting not just investors but the integrity of our financial systems.

    Please, take action to help end this enduring financial and emotional hardship for countless families.

    Thank you for considering this grave matter and for your commitment to justice and transparency.

    Please visit Fair Markets Now and start sending this updated letter today! Thanks to Hollywood Henry for launching a new updated letter campaign.