• New Video “Collusion” and How To Share

    The follow up video to Revolution is titled Collusion and is now available to share!

    The 18 minute video is a collaborative effort of MMTLP Studios and MMTLP Resources and was produced and co-written by Patrick Keaveny and co-written and directed by Krucial Mix.

    IMPORTANT: Please share the video from the following recent tweet:


    You can also find the video in the following places:

    MMTLP Studios Homepage: https://mmtlpstudios.com

    MMTLP Studios YouTube Channel:

    There’s a better way to share this video on TWITTER/X:

    Did you know you can attach the Collusion video to ANY tweet you send out without sending the author, message or hashtags? You can, and it’s really easy and the video will play in their X feed for the most impact.

    You can only do this with a tweet that does not contain an image or a GIF, but all you have to do is COPY the below URL and add it to the end of your tweet:


    Don’t click the above link, you need to COPY it and PASTE it into a tweet!

    This is different than using SHARE or REPOST and makes a cleaner tweet while still spreading the message.

    Try it! Just copy the link above EXACTLY and paste it in your tweets!

    A tweet sent like this allows you to add your own message and include the video. The tweet will look like this:

    Here’s a tweet which also explains how to do this:


    Thank you to the community who attended the BusyBrands and JunkSavvy Space to announce the video premiere. A recording is available here so you can learn more.

    The reviews of the video have been very positive! Thank you to the community for your support and to all of MMTLP Studios for the collaboration with Krucial Mix.

    Cyntax reports the video is already helping explain the situation to Congressional offices!