• Next Bridge Drilling Drive-by and PR

    A video drive-by of one of the Texas oil wells shows potential drilling while Next Bridge release a new PR.

    Meta News posted this video from Mike James where he drove by one of the Next Bridge drill sites and comments on the drilling activity.

    It’s unknown for sure what we’re seeing in the video or if this drilling is part of production, but Mike reports “we are drilling. It smelled like roofing tar in the air”.

    In the end, any kind of drilling or activity at a Next Bridge site has to be good news for our investment.

    On MMTLP Day (October 13th, 2023) Next Bridge just so happened to put out a new press release as well.

    The PR talks about the new agreement they entered into for funding of the Johnson prospect drilling program.

    Probably one of the most intereseting commetns from the press release comes at the very end:

    “Next Bridge is a private company insofar as its shares of common stock are not traded on a public stock exchange of any kind.  The Company is expected to update its shareholders about certain operational and financial updates related to the Company’s business.”


    The full press release can be accessed here.

    Another community member highlights that oil prices are trending up, another good sign for our investment.