• Armed With Data, Next Bridge Attempts Meeting with FINRA, SEC

    Next Bridge is trying to meet with FINRA and the SEC regarding the share imbalance, correspondences between the companies reveal.

    You can see all of the letters here, surprisingly posted by FINRA.

    Wow! From one of the latest letters, we see that NBH knows of a large imbalance based on their phone calls from financial institutions.

    Per your request, the investment banking firm representing Next Bridge on our proposed S-1 has received several inbound calls from financial institutions needing to buy our shares to get their books in balance. One of the inquiries was of a size so large that I requested to be on a call with this group. From this call, I now have knowledge of an admitted shareholder imbalance from one single financial institution that is multiples more that 2.65mm shares. We continue to collect additional data regarding
    imbalances from multiple sources.


    It’s great to see that Next Bridge is trying to meet with both FINRA and the SEC regarding this matter, and requesting an in-person meeting. The SEC is not responding yet. Will FINRA and the SEC accept a meeting? Only time will tell.