• Next Bridge Revises Recent S-1

    Next Bridge Hydrocarbons issued a revision to their recent S-1, known as S-1/A, with minimal changes.

    Some subtle changes came out in a new S-1 put out by Next Bridge Hydrocarbons on September 14th.

    You can also compare both documents side by side as suggested by community member Trevor.

    Junk Savvy also highlighted some of the recent changes or adjustments in the timeline.

    In short, not much has really changed, but it seems Next Bridge is trying to encourage shareholders even more to transfer their shares to AST by saying indirectly that it will help determine a share count (which is what we all want).

    Interestingly enough, the MMTLP Shareholder Survey just released by MMTLP Resources shows that 51% of respondents have not transferred any shares to AST as of yet.

    You can review all the Shareholder survey answers here.

    Dates are still missing in this S1A, and it is not effective yet.

    A link to the filed S-1/A on EDGAR is here.