• Rebuttal Posted to Congressional Research Service

    Fair Markets Now has posted a 5-page document as a rebuttal to the recent CRS report.

    Hollywood Henry has posted a good 5-page document that serves as a rebuttal to the recent Congressional Research Service report.

    The document is available through their tweet and will also be archived here on MMTLP Resources.

    The carefully crafted document blasts the reference of MMTLP being a meme stock. At the same time it correctly points out the value of the substantial onshore oil discovery in the Texas Permian Basin. It actually tells the story that MMTLP was never supposed to be trading. The document also dsicusses the properly disclosed calendar dates for record and distribution dates and the settlement debate.

    “Retail investors’ interest in MMTLP arose when they recognized the opportunity to invest in a preferred dividend linked to valuable oil assets in the Permian Basin. This connection to substantial oil resources is a compelling reason for investor interest rather than a blanket assumption of speculative short-squeezing.”

    Yes, some were in it for the short squeeze. But not all. When MMTLP was first an option (not even known by that name as it was known as a dividend share you’d receive by purchasing TRCH) there was no talk about any short squeeze. People were buying for the dividend from a future oil exploration company. The short squeeze was a “bonus”, if it would have ever even happened.

    In addition, the document refers to the FOIA emails that have been received by the community noting the regulators fraud radar was already buzzing.

    And finally, the document actually addresses share count and counterfeit shares in MMTLP. This is one of the most important factors in this case. Count the shares. If we had an honest share count and it ended up being the original 165 or so million shares outstanding, I am sure the MMTLP community would go home with their tails between their legs while waiting for Next Bridge. Remember, I send an honest share count.

    How could the Congressional Report not include all of these important items and be considered a thorough report on MMTLP? It can’t.

    Props to Hollywood Henry and his team at Fair Markets Now for creating this rebuttal document so quickly. It should be shared with all congressional representatives and especially those on the Financial Services Committee.