• Renewed Efforts to Transfer to AST

    There has been a renewed effort to attempt to transfer shares to AST and gather evidence on the number of counterfeit shares.

    Community member PaulT has started this effort and wants to gather evidence to share with an attorney.

    In addition, a recent Space call with Dr E and Busy Brands discusses the strategy.

    This Space call discusses the efforts to get a recorded call or in writing what Broker/Dealers are telling shareholders when they even suggest to learn their options for transferring shares.

    Responses are already coming in, like this message from Webull.

    The goal here would be to find out what the procedure is for transferring shares to AST if available, or what prohibitive costs may be associated with transferring if allowed. This is evidence that can be given to Pete Sessions team and/or shared with the attorney PaulT is working with.

    Bottom line: Are broker/dealers stonewalling and not transferring shares to AST because AST is full which would provide evidence of counterfeit shares?

    The above Space call requests that you record a conversation with your broker/dealer but please be aware of two party consent states where it may be illegal to record a phone conversation without the permission of the other party.

    We have tried to record calls with E-trade in the past and they simply do not consent and literally hang up on you if tell them you are recording. This is even if they are recording you.

    As with any legal matter, due your own research on your own state’s laws regarding this. Some participants in the Space call were giving out questionable information regarding California laws and phone recording.

    The Space call also infers that the share count includes 600,000,000 counterfeit shares as discussed at the Pete Sessions Town Hall. It has been reported that Texas investors CC and MVP attended the session, however so far we have heard no audio or video recording or even any complete notes from any of this latest town hall. Until then, please take any of this information with a grain of salt.