• Request For Broker Routing Data

    John Brda has put out a tweet asking for the community to reach out to their brokers to request routing data.

    A handy script is provided on what you can write to your broker in an email or through their online messaging system. It’s requested to do this in writing.

    When information is collected, please forward it to community member Elf (@ElfCarbon).

    Hello, may I please have the routing data for my buy of MMTLP shares? For each transaction can you provide the date, number of purchased shares, and the executing market makers. If available, can you also include any intermediaries or counter parties involved in these transactions. If there are any 4-5 letter MIC, MPID, MMID, PLMM or other 4-5 digit DTC / NSCC / foreign clearing broker numbers for these transactions I would like that information as well. Lastly, if the exchange codes where the transactions occurred are available…


    This information will help our cause so certain information can be uncovered.

    So far we’ve seen reports that both TD Ameritrade and E-trade (Morgan Stanley) are unwilling or unable to provide the necessary information.

    But please keep trying! Remember how we got that ONE FOIA email request through? Someone might not know protocol and may provide you the information we need.

    Any questions? Ask Elf or John Brda.