• Rumor: Fidelity Offering $100 a Share

    There is reported information from HAM the shortkiller that Fidelity is offering their clients with large amounts of shares over $100 a share to settle.

    MMTLP Resources has no way to verify this informaiton so this should be treated as rumor and speculation.

    Ali from Trading Secrets is in contact with some larger shareholders, but none of them hold shares with Fidelity. None of them have been contacted.

    This tweet refers to Will Stuart and references Greg McCabe.

    John Brda also weighed in, but he also does not have Fidelity.

    Since about January there have been various rumors that individual brokers could be driven to settle on the “Gray market”, meaning make individual deals with shareholders to purchase their shares. To date, we don’t know of anyone being contacted however, outside of this rumor.

    We hope HAM, who offers a great deal in the fight for MMTLP and all tickers being naked shorted, can at some point provide some further details.