• Proposal For Next Bridge Temporarily Trading Uncovered

    Andrew has divulged some interesting information in a recent Twitter space call. For a couple months he has been researching options for NBH to temporarily trade stock for a close position only type of scenario.

    According to Andrew, there are ways for this to be done and a proposal was shared with some organizations. This would be something that Next Bridge would have to request of FINRA. FINRA would also have to approve of this. It’s unknown what type of stipulations would be required on each side to make this work. It was discussed that after reconciliation took place, all remaining shared would be force sent to AST to ensure genuine shares.

    It’s important to note that while Andrew stands by 100% the information that this idea was being explored, he can in no way say for sure that FINRA or NBH are currently pursuing it. There are other hints that this might be the case but they are just hints and we have no confirmation.

    So while this might be an interesting solve to our situation, no one is privy to any settlement and/or trading talks as of now.

    This would be a way to reconcile positions of MMTLP. This could be plausible that FINRA wants to cut their losses before any kind of discovery as court cases loom.

    We need to pressure Congress for this type of resolution. We need Congress and FINRA’s help to make this happen, so carefully craft your messages and tweets. Let’s remind them of our hardships and struggles and implore for a resolution.

    Here the information from Andrew in the space call recording below.