• SEC in Lock step with FINRA

    It’s been over 8 months since MMTLP was halted. Have we swayed the opinion of the SEC? Short answer: No.

    Community member Hollywood Henry received a surprise email from the SEC he shared on X:

    The brief unpersonalized letter once again highlights the FINRA FAQS, a series of once changing questions and answers FINRA put out in March after the MMTLP pressure campaign was in full swing.

    The SEC is basically passing the buck to FINRA and saying that this matter is closed, and here’s the FAQ’s to prove it.

    This is why we need Congress to do a complete investigation. Any person, company, or SRO can easily put out a web page and call it FAQS. But this does not mean it’s the truth. Crimes are usually covered up. We rely on our ever growing list of Congressional representatives to help lead a fair and impartial investigation to get to the bottom of this.

    Hint: This means testimony under oath.

    This disappointing letter from the SEC follows an exceptional new letter to the SEC from Congresswoman Norma J Torres. You can read more about it here.