• Should You Submit Your Share Count?

    Several people have been asking us for our share count information and requests for your data. We took a look at reasons why it might help.

    In the beginning there was Russ. This community member was probably the first asking for how many shares of MMTLP we all held. Then Next Bridge themselves came out with a form to fill out seeking the same info.

    MMTLP Resources even got in the survey game in September and asked the question in our extensive shareholder survey.

    And recently we’ve seen new information requests from X user Lolli and also Meta News. But should you be submitting your information to these sometimes unknown sources?

    One of the more popular messages we’ve received lately is asking this very question. Should I be submitting my data to someone I don’t really know, and what will they be doing with it?

    After hearing Lolli in some of the community spaces requesting information, we decided to find out more about the survey she was running. The initial survey started in October from a X poll:

    Is your submitted information safe?

    First off, Lolli is a member of the Idaho Superstars, part of the team that successfully got US Senator Mike Crapo on board with MMTLP and literally questioned Gary Gensler for 10 minutes about it. I think it’s safe to say the Idaho MMTLP Superstars deserve our respect.

    Secondly, I had a conversation with her and we spoke about her goal and intentions with the unofficial survey.

    Right now her goal is to get as many reported shares that are NOT at AST as of October 1st. So if you can’t transfer your shares because you are outside of the US, your shares are in an IRA or 401K and can’t be transferred, or your simply haven’t sent them yet, she wants to know.

    Lolli pointed out that yes, her X account is fairly new (April 2023) but she only got started with social media because of MMTLP.

    Why is the survey taking place?

    Her goal as a whole is focusing on AST and finding out just how close we are to “filling up the bus”. The more accurate data on sharecounts submitted, the more we can learn how close we are to that potential number. And then of course, having some ammunition of the existence of counterfeit shares.

    She commented that these share count totals are even being shared with Mike Crapo’s office so they have an idea how the numbers are coming out.

    Is your information safe and secure?

    I mentioned to Lolli that people were a bit concerned sending data to anyone unknown, especially with a myriad of bad actors out there.

    She understands this, and clarified that sensitive information is not needed. She doesn’t need your regular name or any personal information. Your email or X handle is sufficient. She shared that she works in the healthcare industry, and is very familiar with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and she doesn’t want or need any of that.

    What is requested is the number of shares you have that have not been transferred as of October 1st. She would also like to know what brokerage(s) your shares are at, and any situation as to why the shares have not been transferred yet. Are you outside the USA? Are your shares in an IRA? Has your broker refused to send them?

    Screenshots of your MMTLP position should also be included but you should redact any personal information. If you are unable to do that, you can still submit it and Lolli assured us she will not share any of the information received. Screenshots can literally be snapping a photo with your phone or using a screenshot tool on your phone and crossing out any personal information before sending.

    How can you submit your shares?

    There are a few ways you can submit your information.

    1. On X just DM @boondockerm600 (Lolli) the information
    2. Through e-mail by sending an email to lollimmtlp@gmail.com

    She also mentioned that some information is coming in from Reddit Posts and even Facebook posts. Her goal is to reach people both on and off Twitter so we can get the best sample data available.

    I discussed with her that Meta News was also conducting a similar survey at the same time. She told me that they are in contact with each other and sharing data, so you don’t need to submit to both places. In fact, Meta News is requesting the data go directly to Lolli now plus offering some preliminary results in a recent tweet:

    Meta News has over 20,000 followers and has been around since November 2021 on Twitter (X) and has become a trusted source for all things Meta Materials and MMTLP.

    So, will an unofficial survey of this help us prove counterfeit shares of MMTLP exist? At this point it’s not known if we can get the numbers to achieve that goal. But it certainly can’t hurt. And with redacted information, there’s not much risk in taking part in the survey to help our community.

    After speaking with Lolli, I myself feel comfortable with how she’s handling the data and her motivations for the survey and will be submitting my information as well.

    Thanks to both Lolli and Meta News for taking information and organizing it into what we hope will be useful data in proving criminal activity with MMTLP.

    Article by Krucialmix