• Taking DC By Storm: Don Fizz

    There are many hardworking individuals in the MMTLP community, and we appreciate them all.

    But we want to give a huge shout-out to Richie (Don Fizz) for all of his DC appointments. Richie has been taking DC by storm in the last 2 weeks with countless appointments set by himself and the members of the community.

    Over the last few days, dozens of photos of Richie with reps gives hope to the MMTLP community that Congress in truly getting it.

    As a community member and shareholder, you can contact your and other Representatives and let them know about MMTLP. Tell them that you can have one of our representatives meet with them, and coordinate with Ritchie.

    Next week we are focusing on Senator meetings. Senators or staff members for them. Can you help?

    This morning Richie had a high profile meeting that went very, very well. More details to come.

    Contact Richie on X via DM and I guarantee he’ll help you out.

    Richie has a heartwarming story about his life and journey with MMTLP. Check out his MMTLP Studios Testimonial, filmed last year.

    No one person can win this. But it’s our community sharing their talents that will lead to a resolution. MMTLP Resources is very appreciative of Richie and everyone’s effort. WE WILL WIN THIS!