• The James J Angel Debate

    A new name has emerged in the community, James J Angel, due to his tweets and one community member reporting that he was hired as an expert to brief Congress on MMTLP.

    Information Anna Trades received would seem to confirm this.

    James’ tweets seem to side with FINRA.

    Community members find some interesting research about James.

    John Brda has invited him to participate in a Space call and has some spot on questions for him to answer. To date we have not heard of any acceptance.

    Connections have been drawn between James and his current and former employers.


    What bothers me the most in this situation is if this man was truly in charge of “briefing Congress” on the MMTLP situation, just what does Congress believe? This should in no way damage the excellent day we had today but Cyntax even reported some members of Congress were asking her “And what if it really didn’t happen the way that you are thinking”, which makes me think that this James J Angel angle may be spreading amongst Congress.

    As attorney Richard pointed out, no matter what evidence we produce, the shorts are not going to just curl up and give in. There will be a fight, and this could be a part of their new playbook.

    This post contains a wealth of information and due diligence on potential conflicts with this person briefing Congress on the MMTLP situation.

    Finally, we have to remember that WE ARE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW. And we have proof to show for it. And more proof is coming (Blue Sheets). But we may still have a bit of a fight ahead of us that isn’t welcome from all of us weary investors.

    But the important thing is, we need to as a community, address this issue if Congress has been tainted with false information. I understand John Brda is already working this for all of us.

    We are beginning to learn more about Mr Angel. Huckleberry has uncovered an interesting patent that bears his name.

    New information shows that James Angel previously was employed by GTS. Community members and John Brda have assured that Congress is aware of his many conflicts of interest.


    The letter to Pete Sessions is listed below.

    Great uncovering Huckleberry.

    The community continues to uncover CONNECTIONS….