• Today is the SEC Response Deadline

    Update: August 14th – The SEC responded with a letter to Congress

    When 15 members of Congress signed on to a letter asking Gary Gensler for a response about MMTLP, a deadline date was given. It’s today.

    Yes, August 11th, 2023 is the deadline in the letter.

    “Please provide responsive information to the Committee by August 11, 2023. Contact the Committee’s Majority Staff with any questions regarding this request.”

    The request asked for a “substantive briefing on its findings” [of Meta Materials Series A preferred shares MMTLP].

    What do you think the response will be from the SEC? Or will they even respond at all? We’re kind of hoping they ignore the letter, because we’re sure anything they say will be obfuscation anyway.

    If they ignore the demand from 15 Member’s of Congress, we see a hearing in Gary’s future!

    For reference, the 3 page letter is available here.