• Two More Well Permits Discovered for Next Bridge

    User CPLANT discovered Next Bridge has two more drill permits submitted September 27, 2023.

    These new permits are part of the University Johnson E23 lease and due to their proximity he is hypothesizing they may be used for actual production and not just exploration.

    “Due to the close proximity of these wells I’m thinking we are going to produce them. JS this is not Financial advise. Not that you could buy or sell it anyway. I hear AST is a good place to hold them.”

    X user CPLANT Tweet

    For those holding for Next Bridge, this could speed things up. Not financial advice.

    For those hoping for a settlement or trading of some sort, this also could speed things up. The closer Next Bridge is to proving their reserves, the more the shorts, market makers, and dealer brokers are under serious pressure to settle.