• The Story of MMTLP

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    MMTLP in 15 minutes

    What is MMTLP?

    MMTLP was a preferred share stock dividend that was given out to holders of stock ticker TRCH in June of 2021 as part of a reverse merger with Meta Materials. The shares also ended up trading unauthorized on the OTC market from October 2021 – December 8, 2022. There are
    approximately 64,000 holders of these shares.

    Why is everyone so vocal about MMTLP?

    Holders of MMTLP are justifiably upset over several illegalities that have occurred including shareholders having the inability to exit their position before trading was supposed to end and possibly by receiving no or counterfeit shares from their brokers that would be worth nothing. On the day of the halt, their funds were zeroed out.

    I didn’t invest in this, why should I care?

    Even if you didn’t invest in MMTLP, you should not ignore this issue because it’s likely affecting your IRA, 401k, or brokerage accounts and you may not even be aware of it.

    The injustices of naked shorting or counterfeit shares is bigger than the Madoff, bigger than FTX, bigger than SVB and bigger than the 2008 financial crisis. And it will be exposed.

    What was done that was illegal and by whom?

    1) Market makers and FINRA made an untradeable dividend share tradeable without authorization by the company likely due to a fraudulent submission.

    2) Two days prior to the end of trading, a trading halt was issued by FINRA due to a “extraordinary event” that has not been explained. This averted a potential short squeeze that could have driven the share price up significantly & prevented shareholders from selling their
    shares. Retail investors potentially lost millions of dollars, while at the same time hedge fund short sellers saved billions of dollars from not having to close their positions as required by law.

    3) MMTLP and the former ticker TRCH were abusively short sold. The number of outstanding shares is yet to be determined but it is anticipated that the allotment of legal shares of MMTLP (165.5 million shares) was likely oversold by as much a 5x or more using counterfeit naked shorts. This means millions of people may have been sold counterfeit shares by their broker and may not receive anything from their investment. Shareholders were promised 1 to 1 shares in the dividend, Next Bridge Hydrocarbons, following the spin-off to a private company.

    What is the solution?

    The first problem to be solved is how to make good to the 64,000+ shareholders by providing shareholders with genuine shares of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons.

    Since shares are likely oversold and not reconciled, the MMTLP community would like to see the “Blue Sheets” from brokers letting us know how many counterfeit shares were oversold. In this case, shareholders simply want what was legally theirs. They want their two trading days back that were taken away. Some shareholders will sell and others may hold through to receive genuine shares of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons. But if trading resumes, those with short positions must be forced to close their positions, as required by law.

    Since shareholders had their world turned upside down on December 9th, 2022 they also need financial relief for all of the pain and suffering or mental anguish this situation has caused.

    Secondly, this problem is not exclusive to MMTLP. It is happening to potentially 1000’s of small to mid-cap companies, including stocks such as AMC, GME, GTII, and MMAT. MMTLP is poised to expose these illegalities better than other because it had a trading end date. Laws are in
    place to prevent naked short selling but they are blatantly not enforced. A previous bill with better restrictions, HR4618 (117th Congress), was introduced in 2021 and needs to be revisited. More regulatory oversight must be demanded and complaints to the SEC, FINRA, FBI and political leaders must be exercised to affect any real change now and in the future.

    A note to journalists and political leaders

    Journalists and political leaders, we need your help.

    Please help the community by reporting and exposing these crimes so they can not simply be swept under the rug after investors lost all of their money.

    The MMTLP community has been reaching out to political leaders and journalists in force for over 130 days with limited results.

    Please help us by adding your voice to the fight in whatever means you can.

    Further research

    You’re in the right place for further research on this issue. Please browse around this website as it was designed to be a massive information hub for everything on MMTLP.

    The site is updated often and if you have any questions you can reach out to the site management through this contact form. We have a heavy presence on Twitter and would be happy to host any journalists or political leaders on Twitter Spaces.

    Thank you for your time.