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One of the largest financial wrongdoings in the history of the United States is soon to be exposed.  Counterfeit shares are destroying the stock market and your bank account. 65,000+ investors have lost their funds with $MMTLP. This website is a resource for journalists, political leaders, shareholders and the concerned public. In a hurry? Learn what happened by downloading the MMTLP 1-sheet.

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Community News


Jun 24

Next Bridge Cordax Settlement Announcement Offers Hope

Some positive news in the press release excites shareholders.
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Jun 24

A Step-by-Step Guide For My AST Transfer

Here’s what happened when I finally decided to transfer my shares to AST.
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May 24

Richard Hofman Dismisses Arbitration

In a surprise move, attorney and community member Richard Hofman has withdrawn his arbitration case against Fidelity.
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