What Is It

    A national 30 second TV commercial to air on streaming service Hulu in the United States. Hulu has 48 million subscribers and streams primetime network television programs along with movie and original content.

    What Is The Concept

    The TV commercial will be made around the theme of the #FacesOfMMTLP idea originally posted by Patito.

    The commercial will feature you– the MMTLP community!

    What Do We Need

    We need submissions of videos and images from the MMTLP community to use in the commercial. Most of the current online images are not usable for TV, so please follow the guidelines below if you’d like to submit to be in the commercial.

    You can submit images of yourself, your family, friends, but one of you has to be holding the #MMTLP sign.

    You can also submit a video clip of you, your family, friends, and one of you needs to be holding the #MMTLP sign. Video clips are preferred to still images, but you should not be talking and the clip should have little movement to match the scene. For example, you are walking in your yard toward the camera holding the sign. Or you are at work and you are performing some work task and quickly stop and pick up the MMTLP sign and smile.

    Ask us if you need ideas for what to record. The more planned it is, the more likely we’ll be able to use it on the TV commercial.

    BONUS: You can also record a video clip of the same as above but this one you can actually talk, and say “Together We are MMTLP Strong”. Don’t JUST do this one, because we may not be able to use this, but if you want some extra credit, you might even get a speaking part!

    What Are The Guidelines

    The three most important guidelines are:

    1. The image or video should be shot horizontally with your phone and not vertically. 90% of the images on Twitter are shot vertically, which is great for social media but not so great for TV. When shown on TV you would see black bars on the side of the image. Know the difference, see below.

    Orientation of your camera will make the difference between an ad approved by Hulu or rejected.

    2. You need to be holding a sign that says #MMTLP. We can’t use images that have MMTLP written on the picture with PhotoShop or other photo editing programs. You’ll need to actually make a sign and hold it up. The sign does not have to be professionally printed, just make sure you use a thick marker or something that makes the text show up well on camera. You can be creative with your signs, like adding your favorite sports team colors or some LGBT pride coloring. Express yourself. But just be sure the main focus is MMTLP and it’s not hard to read with no other text.

    3. You can’t have anything else written with you like no signs with FINRA FRAUD or anything else. Avoid clothing containing any controversial or political phrases or even strong brand identity clothing such as a big Nike logo on your shirt.


    Here are some examples of images we can and can not use.

    No! Can not use images with text written on the image. Also, the image is vertical format and not horizontal.
    Yes! Nice clear sign being held, Awesome background!
    Maybe! Image is horizontal which is good, but the sign is hard to read. Need to use a marker instead of thin pen.

    Model Releases

    In order to be included in the TV commercial we need a standard model release signed for every person appearing in your images or video. Children under the age of 18 require a parent or guardian signature.

    This release just states that you give us permission to use your video on the commercial, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to promote MMTLP and that you will not be compensated for it.

    Download the model release here. You can print, sign, and take a picture of it and submit it along with your video and images.

    How Can I Submit My Files

    There are 3 ways to submit your video or image files and model release form. You must use our submission form located here:

    Click the bold title Submission Form above to start your submission

    The submission form allows you to submit your work to us and send the files directly uploaded from the form, via e-mail or weTransfer, or by posting a URL link to your files.

    E-mails have limitation on file sizes, so you may have to separate into more than one email. If you can attach your files to the submission form, this will be your best option.

    You will need to submit your video and image files along with the model releases. We can’t guarantee that we will receive your submission if you tweet us images or videos.

    What If I Have Questions

    Please email commercial@mmtlpresources.com with any questions.