• AI Suggests $10K MMTLP Shares

    Bard, the AI from Google, was recently asked a theoretical possible share price for the missed MMTLP short squeeze.

    Community member Rare DD posed a question to Bard asking what the potential share price could have been for MMTLP if it had not been halted.

    The AI speculates that with over 1.2 billion shares shorted on December 8th that a theoretical maximum share price is shorts were required to close would have been $10,000/share.

    We asked Bard separately how many short positions there were in MMTLP as of December 8, 2022 and this time it came back with the answer of only 10 million.

    But you can see who their source is for this data. FINRA!

    Whatever answer it’s giving, it’s admitting short positions. Bard obviously gives a half dozen comments about the $10K price being a projection and there’s no way to know but it’s interesting to see how the math works.

    The ChatGPT and Bard tools have been used a great deal with the MMTLP community to speculate and investigate. While data is not always correct, the key to getting clear answers from either tool is formulating a specific and detailed question as done by Rare DD.

    The full $10K answer is preserved in the screenshot below: