• Community Finds New Potential Ally

    Update 9/18: Josh White joined an X Space call hosted by KarmicRetribution tonight. He listened to all our stories and facts and has already contacted FINRA. He is seeking answers from regulators for us. Thank you!

    Former SEC Economist Joshua T White offers assistance to the MMTLP Community.

    This is a story of how one single tweet can make a difference.

    On Sunday community contributor Huckleberry posted a reply to a tweet from John Reed Stark who was holding a X Space call “Ask Me Anything, Let’s talk SEC”.

    Huckleberry tweeted the following:

    He was basically pointing out some of the problems with MMTLP and the regulations of 15c2-11 and others.

    Eight hours later he received a tweet response from a Josh White, an Assistant Professor of Finance at Vanderbilt University and a former SEC Economist.


    I don’t believe Huckleberry knows Josh and on the surface it looks like he’s a good Samaritan that was likely intrigued with his tweet and has offered some assistance.

    His offer to contact FINRA, OTC Markets and SEC at zero cost to us made a lot of people in the MMTLP community excited.

    While we don’t know much about Josh other than his website information, we are excited to see if he follows through on at least asking questions about the MMTLP situation. Ever since MMTLP’s mention and questioning by Senator Mike Crapo to Gary Gensler during an oversight hearing, the number of eyes on MMTLP has increased. And it seems like some well credentialed people are interested in helping.

    “Joshua White’s academic research interests include corporate finance, securities regulation, and other related topics. He has testified before the U.S. Congress on the shareholder voting process.”

    Joshua T White’s Website

    While we of course don’t know enough about Josh or his offer, we choose to believe in the goodness of people and offer our sincere Thank You for any help he can offer us.

    In a follow up tweet he asked the community to share “very clear information” with him. The link to MMTLP Resources has already been shared.

    We’re hoping he can also look into newly discovered info from Community Member Sensii.

    We are a community struggling for over 280 days and have lost funds, been lied to, ignored, and mislead for months. We’ll welcome anyone in with open arms that offers to help our situation.

    I would suggest you follow Josh on Twitter and retweet and like his message to show support. Let’s be sure not to inundate him with any unprofessional messages or tweets. As always, please be respectful and professional.

    Thank you Huckleberry for reaching out in this X thread which seems to have caught some attention that may benefit our community. The entire MMTLP Community is keeping our fingers crossed.