• All Hands On Deck

    The open letter is the best chance we have of getting the MMTLP situation resolved, and this Wednesday is the deadline date for signatures.

    Your reps have access to the letter in their portal. They can review and offer their signature right there! It couldn’t be easier.

    Tell your representatives to not be left behind, as of yesterday we had 26 signatures but we need at least 74 more so we can get to 100 signatures.

    The more signatures the more pressure.

    For Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week we all need to be in unity to concentrate on this effort. This is the best chance we have to solve this issue and get paid!

    After you make your calls, be sure to tweet your representatives to spread the word! Tag MMTLPRESOURCES.COM so they can review the story.

    Please devote some time each day. You can even call and write Representatives that are not yours, just tell them about the open letter and how to access it and how important it is.

    Use the Fair Markets Now template maker to email your letters today.

    Visit the Advocacy section of MMTLP Resources to get contact info, names, and more about your representatives.