• Charles Payne Retweets Again For MMTLP

    As we get closer to our open letter deadline, FOX Business Channel host Charles Payne promotes our message with another retweet.

    Charles Payne has been one of a few online or media influential individuals that’s been open to discussing our situation publicly. Previously Payne had John Brda live on his “Making Money” show right after the halt, and he also covered the Occupy SEC movement in DC on his program. In July he addressed Gary Gensler on camera and asked him to look into MMTLP.

    It’s a big deal for our community when influencers like Payne, Jon Stewart or James O’Keefe tweet or mention MMTLP to their followers or audience. Payne alone has more than 902,000 followers.

    Earlier today Charles Payne retweeted one of BusyBrands tweets with the message “Hello Congress”.

    The BusyBrands tweet gave a complete summary of the MMTLP situation and tagged around 50 Representatives and media. 1300 retweets of that followed, wonderfully blowing up the phones with notifications for most of those Representatives.

    As of right now, that retweet has even been pinned to the top of Charles Payne’s X feed.

    This isn’t the first time Payne has retweeted MMTLP content.

    In May Payne retweeted a post from Krucialmix after the MMTLP Commercial was released. “Wow, this choked me up…keep fighting the good fight”, he stated.

    That retweet garnered nearly 200,000 additional views of our MMTLP commercial to a new audience.

    Please reach out to Payne via X and thank him for his support of the MMTLP and retail community.