• Good News! Bad News!

    A mixed bag of good and bad news for the MMTLP fight on Tuesday.

    On Tuesday we found out good news, the open letter had a longer deadline for signatures. While the deadline for the open letter signatures was previously set for Wednesday the 19th, it was extended to Thursday the 20th. One more day could mean a dozen or more signatures if we keep working hard.

    But bad news was also discovered on Tuesday when the online tool that Anna just reported about was gutted from our use.

    The “Bill Tracker” web search that allowed us to get email addresses of staffers was abruptly shut down from delivering staffer emails soon after the community started using it.

    Patrick Keavany reported he contacted the company and received this response.

    Apparently the emails are now locked behind a paywall.

    This tool allowed us to email dozens of staff members for each representative, which increased our outreach to try gaining more signatures for the open letter.

    Keep up the good work MMTLP Community. We won’t back down and we’re not going away! No matter what tools they take away from us.