• Community Divided Over Next Steps

    Two schools of thought emerge on the next steps to a resolution, with valid points by both sides.

    With a community of more than 65,000 shareholders, it’s nearly impossible that everyone will agree with everyone else. Over the past many months, there have been feuds and disagreements, mainly involving “personalities,” but recently, the course of action has been questioned.

    The first school of thought is to continue working with Congress and seeking their help by repeatedly asking them to hold a hearing for MMTLP through phone calls, emails, and tweets.

    The second option is somewhat similar, but the suggested approach is different. This approach is more about calling out Congressional members like Patrick McHenry for inaction and exposing their party’s political donations in tweets.

    Community member PaulT is on board with this second approach and supports the more direct approach, including adding an ultimatum.

    A Space call scheduled on X by Danielle on Tuesday looks to be a work session for revising messaging for Patrick McHenry.

    Community member Anna has recently been tweeting about how much money Congress receives from hedge funds—the very enemy in our battle.

    This raises a valid point. If hedge funds are funding Congress, how can we expect them to stop hedge fund wrongdoing?

    Others in the community strongly oppose this approach. They stress how far we’ve come and how we have a good relationship with so many in Congress, and we need to continue what we are doing. They are against any ultimatums and fear this approach will burn relationships that took years to build. See JenKap’s reply below.

    This entire thread is quite a lengthy read, and many of these comments make very valid points.

    Community member Jon sums his feelings up in a short but sweet tweet.

    Part of the conflict revolves are “community leaders” or those that “represent the community”.

    To state a fact, there are no community leaders in this. We are all just shareholders. One person may do more of this, and another person may do more of that, but we have no “leaders,” and Congress knows this. They are smart enough to know that one person’s tweet does not represent the entire 65,000+ shareholders.

    In short, everyone is going to do what they feel is best, and that’s probably the best answer. We can have Spaces to let everyone explain why they think their approach is the better one, but in the end, it’s up to each shareholder to make their own decision on how they want to take action.

    It’s important to note that when we last heard from John Brda in a Space call, his suggestion was to just keep doing what we have been doing. He clearly supports the continued progress approach.

    And just one final note……

    Whatever you do, always be respectful. We can win this.