• Kristen Shaughnessy and Kurtis on Podcast

    Friend of MMTLP Shareholders Dennis Kneale interviews Kristen & Kurtis on the “What’s Bugging Me” podcast.

    Dennis has covered the MMTLP situation and naked shorts and counterfeit shares in detail for a couple of months now. He’s devoted a good portion of his podcast to helping our community.

    Kristen & Kurtis discuss the Capital Markets Subcommittee hearing about the CAT (Consolidated Audit Trail) amendment, which would help deter naked shorting but is already getting pushback from Congress.

    In reality, it’s companies like Citadel that are fighting this transparency, as they do not want more scrutiny on any seemingly illegal activities involving counterfeit shares.

    The Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Ricochet. The hearing and MMTLP discussion starts around 14 minutes into the podcast.

    Thanks to Kristen and Kurtis for again representing MMTLP and for Dennis’ continued coverage of the MMTLP saga.